Re: Loading and Saving of individual BEAST instruments?

On Fri, 2 May 2003, Daniel MacDonald wrote:

> I downloaded a CVS BEAST a week or so ago, but it
> wouldn't configure as it was complaining about me
> having the wrong automake and autoconf installed. I've
> been too lazy to be bothered sorting it out to be
> honest- will the next release require automake v1.4
> and autoconf  v2.13 to build? That would prompt me
> into action if so.

yes, newer automake versions simply lack crucial features,
preventing me from upgrading beast.

> So, I'm just curious to know what has been added to
> the latest CVS BEAST since 0.5.1?

the release announcements (also on the website
have news items on the relevant changes.

> Have you decided on
> how to implement velocity yet Tim, and have you had
> much chance to work on it yet?

i have a pretty good idea by now, however i've been
concentrating on other stuff for the moment. stabelizing,
allowing samples as track synthesis sources, etc...

> I think it would be a very good idea to add loading
> and saving of individual instruments to the BEAST-
> .BSI files or whatever.

it's on my todo, however this is one of the harder
outstanding items, since it requires some structural
changes to BSE.

> Also, I couldn't work out how
> to delete specific synth networks or songs in 0.5.1- I
> presume it wasn't (isn't?) implemented yet?

nope, been sidetracked by the "cooler" stuff, i'm a
lame coder, i should really implement deletion ;)

> dan


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