template path problems

hey alper.

i thought about the html template and cgi script problem
some more, and while it'd be good to change xslt stuff
towards supporting multiple directories, we can handle
the problem at hand with an IMHO better solution.
that's using php as a trampoline for the contrib section
file browsing script:

you can take a look at the result of:
<head><title>FOO PHP Test</title></head>
Test text:
        <?php echo "Hello, i am a PHP-Skript!"; ?>
<?php system ("bash -c 'cd /ftp/pub/beast/bse-files ; ls -aR'"); ?>

at beast.gtk.org/foo.phtml.

the idea is to use something like:
@phpexec{/web/beast/cgi-bin/fbrowser#/, Resource available at: http://beast.gtk.org/contrib.phtml}
in the texi files. that requires additional (minor) modifications
to our build process:
- html.xsl needs to support @phpexec{execcmd,substitute} by outputting <?php system(execcmd)...
- docs/generated/Makefile.am needs to generate phtml files from some sources
- *.xsl should support @phpexec{execcmd,substitute} by outputting: substitute
- html.xsl should issue a warning if non-phtml is generated and uses @phpexec{}
  (whishlist item, i think html.xsl does not currently know whether the output
  is redirected to >*.html or >*.phtml, thus we can defer this until moving
  stuff to texitheque, which can easily provide additional info for html.xsl)

the fbrowser script then just needs to generate a single html table
relating to the directory it's supposed to browse.


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