Loading and Saving of individual BEAST instruments?

I downloaded a CVS BEAST a week or so ago, but it
wouldn't configure as it was complaining about me
having the wrong automake and autoconf installed. I've
been too lazy to be bothered sorting it out to be
honest- will the next release require automake v1.4
and autoconf  v2.13 to build? That would prompt me
into action if so.

So, I'm just curious to know what has been added to
the latest CVS BEAST since 0.5.1? Have you decided on
how to implement velocity yet Tim, and have you had
much chance to work on it yet?

I think it would be a very good idea to add loading
and saving of individual instruments to the BEAST-
.BSI files or whatever. Also, I couldn't work out how
to delete specific synth networks or songs in 0.5.1- I
presume it wasn't (isn't?) implemented yet?


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