Someone new

Hello, I am interested by the BEAST/BSE project I want to use it and contribute to its
development (so little it would be)

I need help :
Up to now I didn't success to compile correctly the source (0.5.0). Actually only the
file /shell/bsescminterp.c give me trouble and more precisly the function
bse_scm_from_value (line 345). The compiler send me the error message :

In function `bse_scm_from_value':
/home/a-lin/source/music/beast-0.5.0/shell/bsescminterp.c:361: undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

When I put the line 361 under comment, I mean :

L361 : sval = scm_long_long2big (sfi_value_get_num (value));
L361 : /*sval = scm_long_long2big (sfi_value_get_num (value));*/

I success to compile and to run beast but when I try to create a new synthetizer
network (/Project/New Synthesizer Network) the program shutdown immediatly.

Is there a documentatio n to understand the source.

Thank you for your help,


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