Mailing List Move Take #2

hey all.

you probably all got a subscription welcome message from
already, that's due to me mass-moving subscribers as announced on the
old list.

for those using procmail to filter beast and other mailing list messages,
an adapted rule to filter out messages could look like:

# BEAST/BSE mailing list
:0 H
* ^X-BeenThere:

for those who post with a return adress different from the adress they are
subscribed with, you will want to subscribe to, i.e.:

to tell the spam filters at to let your posts pass.
from now on, please send new posts to:

as i want to disable the old as soon as possible to
keep spammers out. the new mailing list has an archive at:

and automated spam blockers, so i hope the list move will make communication
more convenient for us all in the future.


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