Re: Someone new

On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, alin weiller wrote:

> Hello, I am interested by the BEAST/BSE project I want to use it and contribute to its
> development (so little it would be)


> I need help :
> 1)
> Up to now I didn't success to compile correctly the source (0.5.0). Actually only the
> file /shell/bsescminterp.c give me trouble and more precisly the function
> bse_scm_from_value (line 345). The compiler send me the error message :
> In function `bse_scm_from_value':
> /home/a-lin/source/music/beast-0.5.0/shell/bsescminterp.c:361: undefined reference to
> `scm_long_long2big'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

upon configure, beast checks for presence of libguile-1.4, and to my
knowledge, guile-1.4 does provide scm_long_long2big() in libguile/numbers.h.
so if you don't have that, i'd expect a problem with your guile version.

> When I put the line 361 under comment, I mean :
> L361 : sval = scm_long_long2big (sfi_value_get_num (value));
> ----->
> L361 : /*sval = scm_long_long2big (sfi_value_get_num (value));*/

when you comment that out, you'll only break bseshell, not beast itself.
that is, beast will run fine, but invoking scripts may break.

> I success to compile and to run beast but when I try to create a new synthetizer
> network (/Project/New Synthesizer Network) the program shutdown immediatly.

this is unrelated to the line above, no scripts are involved
creating a synthesizer network. unfortunately, you didn't post
the program output right before the crash, but i suspect it might
be something like:
WARNING **: gnome_canvas_item_update(): assertion failed `idle_id != 0`
if that's indeed the case, you're using a buggy libgnomecanvas library,
and need to upgrade to a newer version (newer versions have this bug fixed).

> 2)
> Is there a documentatio n to understand the source.

yes and no. i've started to document certain parts of the source,
mostly things interesting from an infrastructure perspective, but
aren't nearly done with even that yet ;)

the existing API documentation can be found at:
	or as manual pages: sfi(3) bse-procs(3) bse-structs(3)

and the development documentation (to develop beast itself):
	or as manual pages: beast-gxk(3) bse(3)

all of these are also available in beast's help browser,
just fire up one of the Help/ dialogs and click on the "Index" button.

if there's something else you need to know and don't find
any docs about, just ask on the list, and i'll do my best to clear
things up.

> Thank you for your help,
> A-Lin.


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