Re: Beast 0.5.4 on NetBSD

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 wrote:

> I noticed that the release notes for the latest version of Beast
> mention changes to build on NetBSD. As a result, I downloaded the
> source and tried building it on NetBSD -current.
> The configure script doesn't find the NetBSD /dev/audio device,
> which seems to be the equivalent of /dev/dsp on Linux. I hand
> edited the configure script to look for this device, and also made
> it look for /dev/sequencer instead of /dev/midi. I also forced
> configure to add the libossaudio library to the dependencies.
> Having done this, Beast built without problem. I was 99% sure that
> the /dev/audio change was correct for NetBSD, and once Beast was
> installed it ran flawlessy using my onboard audio. I'm less sure
> about the /dev/sequencer change, but haven't had a chance to test
> it yet.
> So, Beast runs like a dream on my NetBSD machine (barring any
> problems when I test MIDI). If someone can help me get the
> autoconf stuff sorted out, then I'd like to submit a pkgsrc entry
> for Beast to the NetBSD project.

sorry, screwed up the adress in my previous email. the guy currently
working on getting beast to work on NetBSD is
he hasn't finished the changes yet (being stopped by a
poll() bug in PTH first).

> Regards,
> Chris Wareham
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