Beast 0.5.4 on NetBSD

I noticed that the release notes for the latest version of Beast
mention changes to build on NetBSD. As a result, I downloaded the
source and tried building it on NetBSD -current.

The configure script doesn't find the NetBSD /dev/audio device,
which seems to be the equivalent of /dev/dsp on Linux. I hand
edited the configure script to look for this device, and also made
it look for /dev/sequencer instead of /dev/midi. I also forced
configure to add the libossaudio library to the dependencies.

Having done this, Beast built without problem. I was 99% sure that
the /dev/audio change was correct for NetBSD, and once Beast was
installed it ran flawlessy using my onboard audio. I'm less sure
about the /dev/sequencer change, but haven't had a chance to test
it yet.

So, Beast runs like a dream on my NetBSD machine (barring any
problems when I test MIDI). If someone can help me get the
autoconf stuff sorted out, then I'd like to submit a pkgsrc entry
for Beast to the NetBSD project.


Chris Wareham

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