Re: Current status of OpenBSD BEAST

Tim Janik <> wrote:
> how do other packages that come with libraries or link against
> libraries deal with this on bsd?

Inform the linker where to automatically look for libraries. For
instance, if Beast is going to be installed into /usr/local, then
the following would be passed to the linker via gcc:


This will make the linker search for libaries in /usr/local/lib
as well as the standard locations. This is the ELF standard way
of finding libraries in non-default locations. Linux extends this
by having /etc/ list extra library locations, (the BSD
developers consider this a kludge).

> > >> -#include	<sys/soundcard.h>
> > >>  #include	<soundcard.h>
> > >
> > > this will break on linux. you actually want to add a check to
> > > here, and then define something like SOUNDCARD_H which can be used for these
> > > include statements (let it default to <sys/soundcard.h> if <soundcard.h>
> > > wasn't found, so things still work on linux).
> >
> > Actually OSS audio is emulation layer in OpenBSD so I plan to use native
> > audio (or if it is not good enough make/use other API to audio
> > hardware). It is strange to me why Linux OSS API emulation is made in
> > not compatible header path. May be some time ago linux header lived in
> > /usr/include and was moved to /usr/include/sys later. Other possibility
> > is that it is in /usr/include in some Linux distribution. I cannot make
> > good enough check where soundcard.h lives until I find why it is where
> > it is.
> that might be interesting to find out, but for the short term, a simple
> check on whether soundcard.h is in /usr/include or /usr/include/sys
> should be sufficient for people to build beast on bsd.
> > Also on other platforms soundcard.h may implement other audio API
> > so checking for openbsd build host may be appropriate.
> i've looked at quite a few audio drivers so far, and i've not found
> an indication that that would be the case. unless you have a concrete
> example to show soundcard.h being used for something else on some
> platform, i tend to assume it covers the OSS API.

I cannot speak for FreeBSD, but /usr/include/soundcard.h on NetBSD
describes an OSS compatible layer on top of the native audio

I am currently away from home, but looking forawrd to testing the
new release on NetBSD. I will attempt to do this on a NetBSD
machine in the first week of January, and if successfull will
post patches for Beast's pkgsrc/wip entry to the maintainer.


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