[Banshee-List] Banshee overwriting cover art?


I seem to be having a fight against Banshee's album art downloader. Before I reported it as a bug, I wanted to check if it might be a config issue or a problem because of a recent OS re-install and profile recovery I had to do.

Basically, after the re-install, Banshee randomly decided to delete *all* of my album art. It has now downloaded and recovered what it can, but half of my album art is currently rubbish - low-res, 200px and/or horribly over-compressed.

As I spot tracks with bad album art, I do my own search (Google Image Search with minimum size limits), save the file in a temporary location and then edit the properties of the track and set the album art.

Now, a few days or weeks later, some of the album art that I'd found and set high-res versions of (1000px+ and beautifully crisp in some cases) are back to low-res. Looking in ~/.cache/media-art/, the file is a tiny version again. Luckily, I learnt when Banshee wiped the whole album art folder and am now keeping the images that I use.

I can't recreate the bug, in that there is no one action that I can do that causes it that I could put in a bug report, but I've seen it happen on at least a dozen albums now. It almost seems like setting the album art wipes the "has downloaded art" flag, but doesn't set a "has manually set art" flag.

I'm using my own build of Banshee from the openSUSE Build Service, so I'm happy to patch in some extra debug if people tell me where they think the problem might be.



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