[Banshee-List] Is there something wrong with this stream?

Banshee list,

It seems previous problems I had with internet radio streams are
working better now, which is making me much more happy in using
Banshee. Thanks to the developers for their work on this.

However, while some of my radio streams are rock solid, such as those
from SomaFM or Digitally Imported, others are still balking. So I
wondered if maybe there was something wrong or incompatible about the
format of the stream itself.

For example, this radio stream from the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation (CBC), never works:


And it seems that none of their streams do (though I haven't tried
every single one):


After I add them to my list of stations, when I click to play them,
they wait a few seconds and then say "idle". Sometimes, the green
"play" triangle flicks back and forth between "pause" and "play" for a
while, as if it is almost connecting, but then it eventually gives up
and goes idle.

Is there a reason why these streams might not be working for me?


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