[Banshee-List] Problems with playlists (pls) from DI.fm/SKY.fm


I can not get playlists from DI.fm/SKY.fm to work properly. I download it, and when I double-click Banshee opens, but nothing happens.

When I press play, nothing happens.

If I choose "Import playlist", I get a new playlist under "Library - Music", but it seems empty. Pressing play does not help.

But, I can choose "Open Location" and then load the playlist.
Then the music from the Internet-radio starts, and the title of the current song is displayed. However, the rest of the "stations" in the playlist is nowhere to be found.

Am I doing something wrong, or does not Banshee support those type of playlists?

Attached is a playlist from DI.fm.

Vidar H

Attachment: listen_DJmixes.pls
Description: audio/scpls

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