Re: [Banshee-List] Problem with mono-addins

I assume you're on Ubuntu, as that still has mono-addins 0.6.1. There
is a package of mono-addins 0.6.2 in one of the banshee ppa on
launchpad that you need to install. I think it's the banshee unstable
or the banshee daily ppa.



On 21 November 2011 06:40, Nikita Kiryanov <skiryano t2 technion ac il> wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting the config script to run. It complains that my
> version of mono-addins is 0.6.1, while it needs 0.6.2.
> I did some searching around and found this thread:
> but even though I installed mono-dmcs and ran the script as was instructed
> in the thread it still gives me the same error "Requested 'mono-addins >=
> 0.6.2' but version of Mono.Addins is 0.6.1".
> Did something change since the post I mentioned? How do I fix this?
> Thanks.
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