Re: [Banshee-List] Feature Request: Better Album Cover Chooser

I thought coverflow already was an extension? In the community extensions package?

On 27 Jan 2011 21:17, "Sweetth Devil" <sweetthdevil gmail com> wrote:
> On the same note I would love to see a coverflow like extention or
> integretion. I never manage to get the old extension working on Emmy
> system (archlinux).
> Le jeudi 27 janvier 2011, IBBoard <ibboard gmail com> a écrit :
>> I think they need to be separate options. I'd like my metadata to be kept up-to-date in the file in case I move the file or lose the database whatever, but album art can either be retrieved later or copied across en-mass if needs be and (IMO) doesn't need to be within the file as long as it is available.
>> log
>> On 27/01/11 20:42, Felipe Castillo wrote:
>> Yes for sure, it should be an option, but would it be enough with the
>> option of not writing metadata or do we need an specific option for the
>> album art?
>> --
>> Felipe Castillo
>> On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 20:35 +0000, IBBoard wrote:
>> If album art does make it into ID3 tags then I'd personally want it as
>> an option. If I've got an album's worth of tracks (especially a two-disk
>> compilation) where the album art is a high-quality 600x600 or larger
>> image then I really don't want it saving in each file! I don't mind if
>> it takes more space on my main HDD, but it'd eat the space on my
>> Creative Zen in no time!
>> On 27/01/11 15:34, Felipe Castillo wrote:
>>>  I agree, and I also would like to see that the album art is saved inside
>>>  the ID3, it's really annoying to find out that I open my song somewhere
>>>  else and there's no album art
>>>  --
>>>  Felipe Castillo
>>>  On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 01:17 -0800, axe312 wrote:
>>>>  Hey guys :)
>>>>  I really like Banshee, but its really hard to pick the correct album
>>>>  cover... the automatic album cover downloader doesnt allways pick the best
>>>>  cover.. and downloading and picking the cover manually is not really
>>>>  user-friendly when u want to set the cover from more than 1 album.
>>>>  The best cover download software i know is
>>>> It supports MANY sources and
>>>>  displays all found covers and you can pick which u want. (but only works on
>>>>  windows /§&%$§$)
>>>>  So my feature request is:
>>>>  add a mask which allows you to pick which cover is downloaded for the album.
>>>>  just like this:
>>>>  Greetings,
>>>>  axe312
>>>>  (Sorry for my bad english :) )
>>>>  --
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