Re: [Banshee-List] Mockup for Banshee 2.0 toolbar.

Right - I've been having issues with reciving my Gmail account, but I
have redesigned the mockups into a 6th which has two versions, one
showing the Browser (music collection) and another on the Now Playing.

Hopefully i will at some point get arround to uploading them to the
banshe mockup page ( but I will
follow-up this email with them attached.

Comments, as always welcome.

On 16 December 2010 21:13, Michael Martin-Smucker <mlmartin13 gmail com> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 3:33 PM, IBBoard <ibboard gmail com> wrote:
>>  c) are we really gaining anything more than a few pixels, or are we
>> basically removing the status bar only to pad out the top bar?
> This is my biggest concern with this proposed toolbar revamp.
> Several posts ago, Bertrand asked what problem this is trying to solve, and
> I don't think I've seen a complete answer to that question yet.  Is the goal
> of this change to save vertical space?  If we eliminate the status bar and
> keep the toolbar at its current height, we might free up enough vertical
> space to show one extra song in the library.  That isn't, in my opinion,
> enough of an advantage to justify adding clutter to the toolbar.
> Also, from a consistency point of view, I don't think that the track count /
> total length / file size information belongs in the top toolbar.  Nautilus,
> Rhythmbox, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, and iTunes all show this kind of
> information in the status bar, and I don't see any reason for Banshee to go
> against that convention.  Adding that much text to the top toolbar makes
> that corner feel cluttered, and I'm afraid that it would be even more so
> with the search box there.
> In my opinion, gtk-based music players are all a bit bland in the toolbar
> area, so I'm excited that you and others are exploring the possibilities.
> I'm just not sure I agree with the idea of merging the toolbar and status
> bar, and I'd be interested in hearing how individual changes that you're
> proposing are an improvement on the current Banshee interface.
> Michael
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