Re: [Banshee-List] Importing more than 40, 000 files. Is it possible ?

I'll put this back on the list so that everyone else can see it (having things visible to the community does wonders).

On 12/04/11 13:34, vizigor aol com wrote:
<quote author='IBBoard'>

For the directory browser you can use your file browser.
ha ha ha ha ha! very funny.... tell me you worked on this program didn't

I might have been a little rude but I think your lack of critical thinking
shows that you greatly deserve it besides being even more rude.

What's wrong with that suggestion? The Linux approach is to have
smaller apps that do things well. If you want to browse files then a
file browser is idea. If you want to play songs from a library then
use a player with a library (like Banshee). If you occasionally want
to play a small collection of songs based on finding the files then
use Banshee with the File System Queue extension (or find them in your
library, since they'll presumably be from the same artist or album,
and add them to the play queue that way).

dude, I want to be able to see the organization/structure of my collection and browse through its directories at will from the program who is supposed to let me manipulate my music as flexibly as possible.

Banshee is supposed you let you play your music from a library. Once you have a library then file system organisation is secondary. I used to be very specific about my folders, but Banshee doesn't need that, the Amazon downloads don't follow it, and it has zero impact on my ability to use my music library.

> I'm a foobar user when I'm on windows. have you ever used foobar ? its filter ? you can do queries as elaborated as: locate all the songs from a certain artist that are in a certain format and between x and y seconds of length. I am not even asking banshee to do stuff like that but I don't think a simple directories browser is too much to ask. with the basic filter it would greatly simplify searching for something in a 120000+ songs collection

Nope, I've never used foobar, and it sounds like I don't want to. Banshee gives you filters in the form of Smart Play Lists. They're more permanent, but have a wide range of attributes to sort on (including file location).

If you're using Gnome then Nautilus is your simple file browser, or Thunar if you're on XFCE.

Also, if it isn't you that made a similar comment on OMG Ubuntu, then please see this comment:

Besides, where exactly would you recommend that Banshee puts a file
browsing window that wouldn't make the UI worse for the majority for
the sake of the minority?

how about a tab ? or just a tree in the sidepanel like in nautilus ? who asked for a window ? the amazon store, plugins, etc..didn't make the UI worse for the majority did they ?
and you should address all demands even from users who are in the minority or freaks as you might consider them. and I know it's not the first time you heard this request. many asked for it for a long time now

It didn't have to be a window/dialog, that was just my first thought. Besides, where would a tab go? It'd take up space, and people are already trying to compact Banshee to make it fit on Netbooks better. Side panel over the current options? Again, you'd need a tab to swap between nodes. An extra item in the list like Amazon? That loses the link with your library and doubles up on functionality, overlapping with Nautilus entirely.

Also, I think you'll find that developers should *try* to address all *use cases*, *if* the effort is worth it for the return. This is FOSS software, and a lot of work will be done by people in their spare time. If you want a product that you can make demands of rather than requests to then try spending thousands on licensing for a commercial product.

As for "tough love", I think you'll find that the phrase is generally
more about constructive criticism than hurling abuse and complaints
for the sake of it. Maybe if you learned how to constructively
criticise then you'd get better responses (in this mailing list, and
in the real world).
banshee is the only program that has been irritating me on linux for years now. don't feel bad about me. I'm happy with most of what I use. instead focus on delivering a better thought out program

As clichéd as it is, have you ever thought that you might be best fixing it yourself? You've got access to the source code, so if you really care that much then it is the way that you're most likely to get it. Your attitude sure won't encourage anyone to do it for you.

In terms of "better thought out programs", a) I'm just a community member, not a developer (although I do have a couple of custom patches on my OpenSuse Build Service build) and b) see the earlier comment about "well thought out".

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