Re: [Banshee-List] Videos: TV Shows and Movies

Dnia 2010-03-01, pon o godzinie 14:44 +0000, steve mulcahy pisze:
> My goal would be to be able to see all of my TV shows in a separate
> view from Movies (like in iTunes). Mainly because I want to see
> different information about the files depending on whether it's a TV
> Show or Movie.
> Would this be too difficult to acheive? The whole fact that Banshee
> handles video is a big pro for me, but the way it displays it is a bit
> of a con.

If you have your movies separate from tv shows on the filesystem, just
create smart playlists with 'Location contains /Movies/' and 'Location
contains /TV Shows/' under the Video Library.

Michał (Saviq) Sawicz

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