Re: [Banshee-List] Various Artists question

It could be the two versions of the ID3 tags in the MP3 (one app seeing
one and the other app writing the other). If the names were written in
the "Artist" field then the behaviour is expected, though.

Banshee groups by Album Artist and falls back to Artist if no Album
Artist exists. The way to do compilations (or tracks from one artist's
album that have guest artists on a single song) is to set the Artist for
each tract as appropriate (Bryan Adams for most, or Bryan Adams and Tina
Turner for track three) then set the Album Artist for the entire album
as whatever makes most sense (Bryan Adams in your case, or Various for
compilations). That should then use the tags appropriately and get
players that handle them properly (e.g. Banshee) to display what you want :)

On 18/07/10 23:32, Michael.S.G. wrote:
> I have the same problem.
> It's because (I think) there are tags not seen by <insert tag editor of
> choice>
> The fix for me is to select the track(s) in question and remove ALL tags.
> I have found I need to save the mp3/empty tag BEFORE I re-enter the
> mp3 details. Failure to save 1st results in the same issue (not resolved).
> Just to note, I use easytag for my mp3 tag editing.
> On 19/07/10 04:14, Todd Wilson wrote:
>> The album "So Far So Good" by Bryan Adams has a track (#3, "It's Only
>> Love") with Artist "Bryan Adams&  Tina Turner".  I've tagged the album
>> with Picard and imported it into Banshee and what I get is two entries
>> in the Artists lists:
>>      Bryan Adams
>>      Bryan Adams&  Tina Turner
>> Under the first, all tracks except #3 are listed, and in the album list,
>> it has the correct artwork and title but "Various Artists" as the
>> artist.  Under the second, it lists only track #3, and in the album list
>> it has the same artwork and title but "Bryan Adams" as the artist.  This
>> is confusing.
>> I would expect to see track #3 listed under Bryan Adams, so that I could
>> play the complete album in track order, and not see "Various Artists" as
>> the artist for this album.  I don't mind the extra artist entry for
>> "Bryan Adams&  Tina Turner", but it shouldn't interfere with the
>> original album.
>> How can I set this up?  (I'm using 1.6.1)  Or do I need to set up
>> something differently in Picard?
>> Thanks,
>> Todd Wilson
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