Re: [Banshee-List] Triggering shuffle/all-artists/all-albums at the end of an album

I do 90% of what you want to do today with no changes.

I play from genre playlists on 'shuffle song'. When I hear something I especially like, I just toggle to 'shuffle none'. After a time, I go back to 'shuffle song'. There is no awkward dragging albums to the play queue or anything like that. In fact, I rarely use the play queue except for special occassions.

The only thing this method doesn't do is play tracks from the beginning of the album, however, that is easily accomplished with a double click.

Am I missing something?

On 10-12-09 09:32 AM, Neil McKenzie wrote:
After some further thought, it would probably be cleanest to implement this within the Play Queue, rather than messing around with deleting from the play queue, toggling shuffle, and changing artist and album selections in the library.

If I leave the Play Queue set to 'Fill by song', the features I am after break down to:

(1) A 'Queue and Play' function in the library which could ideally be be applied to a song, artist, album or selection. This would queue the current selection after the currently playing song, and skip the playing song (if any).

(2) A 'Play this album' function, which would enqueue everything with the same album name as the playing song, after the playing song, and skip the playing song.

(3) Personally I would also want a 'Skip this album' function, so that if i get bored half-way through an album i could instantly go back to shuffle.

Any thoughts?


On 9 December 2010 13:38, Neil McKenzie <neilbags gmail com> wrote:
Hi Gabriel,

Yeah i am aware of how this can be done with the queue, but it seems clumsy.

E.g. if i am playing an album in the queue and it finishes, it will shuffle by song. Then when a song I like comes on and I want to play the album, I need to:
Click 'Music'
Locate or search for the album
Drag it to the Queue
Click 'Play Queue'
Double-click the first song

And if I want to go back to shuffle when i'm mid-album, i have to select-all, delete the queue, then hit next. What make it even worse, is that when I drag an album to the Play Queue, it remains selected under Music. So when the album finishes it starts playing the same album again!


On 9 December 2010 13:22, Gabriel Burt <gabriel burt gmail com> wrote:
Hi Neil,

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Neil McKenzie <neilbags gmail com> wrote:
> (1) When an album finishes, i don't want playback to stop. I would like to
> instead turn on 'Shuffle by Song', select 'All Artists' and 'All Albums'.
> I'm currently using the 'Music' category in the left pane rather than the
> 'Play Queue', as it seems a clumsy way to select and play whole albums.

You can queue entire albums or artists by dragging them to the queue,
or in the upcoming 1.9.1 release, click them and press `q` or
right-click them and 'Add to Play Queue'.  As of Banshee 1.9.0 you can
also "Play After" the current playing Track, Album, or Artist (which
modifies your play queue appropriately).

> (2) Whilst in 'Shuffle by Song' mode, I would like a quick way (button,
> shortcut key) to select the album that the song is currently playing belongs
> to, and play it from the beginning to end. Obviously switching off shuffle
> by song.

You should be able to just add the album to the queue; when the song
is done, the play queue will start playing, and when it's finished
(assuming you have it in manual mode) playback will return to your
Music or playlist.

I'm sure our UI/UX isn't perfect, so if you have any suggestions or do
come up w/ some patches, that's great!

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