[Banshee-List] Arbitrary tagging

Something I would like to see in my media player is the ability to apply arbitrary tags to songs (think f-spot). There are times I would like to find or organize music based on criteria that are beyond the scope of the standard id3 tags. 

* I have a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old. While I'm pretty liberal in giving them more or less free access to the music collection in the house, there are songs I tend to skip when they are around (currently in heavy rotation on my mp3 player is Frightened Rabbit, with the lines "it takes more than f***ing someone to keep yourself warm" repeated frequently and clearly in one of their songs). 

* We're having friends over to have dinner and hang out, and I like to have music playing in the background. Not everyone appreciates the 20 minutes of feedback of Yo La Tengo's "Sunsquashed". 

With a large audio library, trying to actively build playlists that are appropriate for these settings is painstaking. If it were possible to create arbitrary content tags ("annoying to my wife and friends", "f-bomb overload", etc.) which could then be used to filter automatic playlists, my life would be made that much easier. 

IIRC, there were a number of projects attempting to push desktop-wide content tagging (tracker, leaftag, etc.), but there don't seem to be any generally usable solutions at this point. Is this something that would be useful to others as a feature in banshee, notwithstanding the success or failure of external efforts?

Michael Knepher

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