Re: [Banshee-List] Importers 1.5 broken

2009/6/2 Ruud v A <banshee veniogames com>:
> The importers in the 1.5 source are broken. The .cs files are included, but
> they are not included in a project. Make will build them but Monodevelop
> won't. They also don't seem to work. As the folder importers do work I
> suspect that the ThreadPoolImportSource class is broken somehow.
> I was writing an iTunes importer and it worked for 1.4.3 but with the new
> source some import-related stuff seems to be broken.

This is fixed in the patch from

Could you check if that patch works for your iTunes database? If your
importer does something that the one from bgo#441093 doesn't do, I
would be interested in consolidating them.


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