Re: [Banshee-List] Importers 1.5 broken

2009/7/7 Ruud v A <banshee veniogames com>:
> Alexander Kojevnikov wrote:
>> 2009/6/3 Ruud v A <banshee veniogames com>:
>> How fast is it? CanImport is called each time the Import dialogue
>> opens, does it slow it down?
> I ran some test, the first time it took 1,112843 seconds to find the
> library, but after that each next time takes only about 0,77 seconds. This
> scans eight drives in my computer, determines if there is a OS installed
> with users, then scans the user folders for iTunes folders and then selects
> the most recent one based on the username or not if they don't match. It
> found two libraries and chose the right one.

That's quite a delay IMHO. Imagine how slow the import dialogue would
be if future importers have the same delay for CanImport?

Anyway, we are going to revamp the import dialogue so that the import
options are included in it rather than in a newly opened dialogue. See
BGO 559013 [1]

Regardless of this, on-demand auto-discovery of the iTunes library
would make a great feature, feel free to file a bug for it.


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