Re: [Banshee-List] Compilation support

2009/1/27 Cory Kaufman <cory northwinddesign com>:
> I had things working out really well in iTunes where I could set certain cds
> as compilations and the artists wouldn't appear in the library list of
> artists unless there were other songs by the same artist. Is there any way
> to do this with banshee? If not, maybe this would be a good extension to
> build?

Hey Cory,

We plant to make the browsers (currently Track Artist and Album)
configurable, including an option for Album Artist which would, I
believe, solve your problem.  That will be done within Banshee core,
probably, though hopefully extensions will be able to add new
browsers/filters too.

I thought there was a bug open about either the configurable-browsers
or the please-add-album-artist-browser but the closest I'm finding atm
is "add a genre browser" -


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