Re: [Banshee-List] Full vs Quick Library Rescans

nzmm wrote:
The user should never need to do a full rescan, any button in the GUI to
rescan is an admission of failure on the part of the app to maintain a
database, IMHO.  New audio/video content should be detected automatically on
application launch and in real-time.  This would do away with the need for
manually invoked rescans.  Only the source folders for the music library
should have to be configured by the user, and once that is done no more user
input should be needed wrt files.

Personally, i think everyone should check out Picasa3 with regard to its
ability to scan/watch folders and maintain a database, and that should be
exemplar Banshee aspires to.
Banshee should at least background scan the Media folder and list changed tracks in a seperate Source.
There are 3 possibilities:
- A new file was found - opt to submit a track to the database
- The metadata of a file was changed - opt to override the metadata in Banshee - A file was deleted - opt to either remove the track from Banshee or to reassign to a different track.

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