Re: [Banshee-List] Making move operation saver

Hey LCID Fire:

1) Open a bug for this, I think it's a general policy for every request
for change in the codebase.
2) Less importantly, try not to do thread hijacking next time :) (create
a new message with new subject instead of replying an old one and
overwriting the subject, because in some mail readers your message
appears as a son of the thread hijacked, instead of in a new thread.)



LCID Fire wrote:
> I looked at the "MoveOnInfoSaveJob" today and got quite worried about
> the race conditions that seem to exist in the current implementation.
> Attached is a patch that first copies the file and after everything is
> saved successfully deletes the old one.
> In general looking at the other jobs, it seems like Banshee solely
> relies on sqlite's consistency but too less on it's own. IMO some parts
> of the code would need to be changed into a more transactional approach.

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