Re: [Banshee-List] MP3 support

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 19:34 +0200, Michał Sawicz wrote:
> Dnia 2009-08-26, śro o godzinie 17:06 +0000, Jon Cosby pisze:
> > I'm trying to get MP3 support on a VM. I had thought the gstreamer
> > plugins (good/bad/ugly) provided this, but I seem to be wrong. Can
> > someone tell me of anything else that would provide support in
> > Banshee?
> Threre's no difference - VM or no VM, the plugins should work as long as
> they have mp3 support compiled in.
> What distro are you running in your VM?

I'm running the openSUSE milestone build, it didn't occur to me that I
would have to compile from source. Thanks


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