Re: [Banshee-List] banshee is altering mp3 and ogg files

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 12:46 -0400, "Andrés G. Aragoneses" wrote:
> What version of Banshee are you running?


> If it's not from git master and
> it's > 1.4.3, then I guess you're noticing bug
> .

Ahhh.  I see.

That bug seems to indicate that it's only the file's modified timestamp
is being modified ("DateModified field of it (as a file, not as a
track)").  In my case, the file's contents are definitely different.

Am I just mis-interpreting the description of the bug?

In any case, I will apply the patch
( from that bug and

I also noticed I have "Write metadata to files" selected.  What exactly
is being written in that case?  Maybe I don't really want that selected.
I guess that depends on what qualifies as being writable to the file.
Ultimately, I don't want files to be altered every time I play them.


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