Re: [Banshee-List] Android and Spotify API.

2009/8/4 Daniel Holm <d holmen gmail com>

This is a known issue :
Banshee uses the USB vendor and product IDs to identify devices, and it
seems the 3 HTC Android phones use the same values

Then why not just rename it to "Android Phone"? Or something rather general?

People tend to enjoy that their device shows up with an icon that actually looks like it and has it's name. E.g. it is mightly annoying that my Sansa Fuze now shows up as a camera in Ubuntu Karmic (I believe this has to do with the migration away from HAL and the replacement not yet being feature compatible in this area).

Another thing is that Android might make sense to certain users but "my mom" buys a phone, not an OS. I doubt in honesty she even cares about the vendor name, it should just show up as "<mom's name>'s phone". That approach isn't entirely foolproof though so vendor name and a matching icon is the superior path I suspect.

- David 

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