[Banshee-List] transcode (to lower bitrates) when copying to portable media device

Having never tried to use a portable media player with Banshee (but my
Mom wants to so I am enquiring), I assume that dragging tracks to a
portable media player is straightforward enough, like rhythmbox does.

Does Banshee use HAL to determine the capabilities of a target device
and transcode to a supported format if necessary?

For the bonus prize, does Banshee provide any user settable option to
limit the bitrate of mp3s going to a portable device?  Let's say I have
a bunch of 320KB/s mp3s which I want to copy to the portable device, but
let's say I only want them to be 128KB/s on the portable device to
maximize the number of songs I can put on a memory limited device, is
there any way for me to tell Banshee that and have it transcode those
mp3s down from 320KB/s to 128KB/s?

I did notice the Device Properties dialog on the context menu for the
device in Banshee, and it even has an Encode to: pull-down which has
"MP3 (LAME Encoder)" item in it (BTW: is there any way to get other
encoders than LAME for this?) and when I click Edit for that entry it
has a Bitrate: menu with 128 Kbps available in it, but I suppose that is
only used when something actually needs transcoding to mp3 from another

I wonder if it would be at all useful to have a per-device property to
set a maximum bitrate for mp3s on that device such that mp3s will be
transcoded down to that maximum bitrate if they are higher.



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