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> "True_Friend" <true friend2004 gmail com> wrote:
> I use xine in KDE with amarok as my playing engine. It works finer that
> gstreamer. I tried to use it in banshee, my favorite player in gnome but
> couldn't. A howto is
> available  but it looks it doesn't worked for me. I have no indication of
> using xine instead of gstreamer in banshee. Anyhows I have a WISHT that
> there Should be an OPTION to change the BACKEND ENGINE as there is one in
> Amarok.

The i-nz xine backend is two years old as you can see. Banshee was neatly completely rewritten since then. Even back in 2006 this backend only supported playback (no ripping for example).

GStreamer is much more than xine in some ways and it's possible to provide legal mp3 playback for everyone using gstreamer for example. I don't think you will see any official other media backend supported in banshee. What are your problems exactly? Problems playing back certain media formats?

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