Re: [Banshee-List] Banshee 1.2.1 Not picking up album art from directory

Back to question at hand....

Andy, there's been a lot of work done lately with cover art,
especially with tracks that have the artwork embedded in the tags.
When you play a track that has no artwork embedded, Banshee will try
to find and download the artwork from a number of resources, but the
tags have to match pretty darn closely as possible.  These files are
downloaded to:


Take a look at that directory, and you'll see everything that has been
downloaded.  If you would like to "force" a particular image for use..
simply place the image in that directory and name it using the
following naming convention (minus all special characters and spaces):


For example, if your dealing with "Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero".. it would be:


Various artist albums are a little tricky.  If you're using the latest
versions of Banshee, (1.3/SVN) you should be able to adjust the
"Compilation Album Artist" field, which will allow you to force the
value of something like "Various Artists", without having to mess with
the Album Artists tag.  Doing so allows you to use a file name such


Hope this was clear enough.  The SVN trunk really has made remarkable
progress, so if you feel comfortable testing this out, have at it!

Gilbert Mendoza
PGP: 0x075DBCA9
Email: gmendoza at

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