[Banshee-List] Pending Patches Periodical (Issue 1)

Word from the editor :

After I bugged Gabriel about some patches, he suggested I could send a
reminder to the mailing list about unreviewed patches or patches that
need something from someone. So here it is.
I'll try to do this periodically, but feel free to pick up the slack.

The attentive reader will notice that most patches in this list are
written by me. It's not (only) because I'm selfish and self-centered,
it's because I just know more about them. :)
I also don't pretend that this list is exhaustive. There are 53
unreviewed patches in BGO.

Comments about the content and the way it is presented are of course
welcome !

"Needs maintainer approval" = Looks OK to me, Aaron or Gabriel need to
approve it so that it can be committed.
"Needs review" = I'm not so sure, the patch might have some negative
"Needs testing" = A rather big/important patch, it would be nice to have
people test it.

532420 - Add enable or disable boo configure flag
Adds a disable-boo flag, instead of automagic dependency. Might impact
Needs review

536328 - Lastfm.Gui Account Dialog: Save&Close on Enter keypress
Second revison after comments from Gabriel. First revision has status
Needs maintainer approval

537004 - Notifications broken
Fixes a regression introduced right before 1.0. First version by sandy
and a bit of additional clean up by me. Should be safe.
Needs maintainer approval

537600 - Banshee command line requires absolute path
Second version after Gabriel pointed out a flaw. Leads to a few lines of
code duplication.
Needs review

538354 - Playing next song crashes banshee
Prevent a crash in a corner case.
Needs maintainer approval

538946 - Problem with the Repeat option
Simple fix, low impact.
Needs maintainer approval

536132 - Lastfm MetadataProvider (Cover Fetcher)
Adds a new MetadataProvider
Needs testing

Have fun !

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>
> http://flickr.com/photos/bl8/ <

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