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Thanks for that, but Synchronisation Partner is something different. The sync partner is the application which the device is supposed to sync it's library against. For instance, suppose i have an ipod which i connect to a work computer and home computer, i'd set the ipod to use my home computer as it's 'sync partner' so that when it's connected to work, it doesn't try and match it's library to the work computers library.

I have a new, more pressing issue though.I can get around not being able to detect a specific device with usb port numbers by instead checking the serial number of the device against the serial number that HAL reports.

However, if i call LIBMTP_GET_FIRST_DEVICE or LIBMTP_GET_CONNECTED_DEVICES() when the *second* device is plugged in, libmtp blows up. It tries to connect to the first device and fails (as the first device is already open and connected) and so i can never get the second device.

Is there any way around this limitation?


On Jan 8, 2008 9:26 PM, Linus Walleij <linus ml walleij gmail com > wrote:
2008/1/8, Alan McGovern <alan mcgovern gmail com >:

> Under libmtp, is there a way to replicate this kind of behaviour? Is there
> any way i can match up the HAL-provided information with libmtp so that even
> if 2+ devices are physically connected, i can make libmtp connect to just
> one specific device.

Not currently. The MTP way of doing this is actually to use the
"Synchronizartion partner" device property I think.


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