[Banshee-List] DAAP support in trunk (Was Re: Planning for a preview release)

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 11:04 AM, Gabriel Burt <gabriel burt gmail com> wrote:
> Banshees,
>  We are planning a preview release of trunk  for next week - very
>  exciting!  It will include the album/artist browser, smart playlists,
>  Last.fm radio and scrobbling extension, a play queue, multimedia keys
>  support, notification icon, and, as important as anything, much better
>  performance.  You can see a more detailed list of what's done at
>  http://banshee-project.org/Roadmap
>  This preview release will not have feature-parity with 0.13.2, but
>  it's getting closer by leaps and bounds.  We are in a mini
>  feature-freeze on trunk until we make the release; please talk to
>  Aaron or me before committing.  After the release, we will be charging
>  ahead full steam toward feature parity - and beyond.
>  If you want to help, claim an item on the Roadmap and/or download and
>  build the latest from trunk and try it out.  You can find all trunk
>  related information on the wiki here:
>  http://banshee-project.org/OnePointEx

For me, DAAP support is an absolute must when using Banshee.  I
noticed on the Roadmap that it is currently unassigned.  Is there any
anticipation for how difficult it might be to port DAAP support over
from the stable series to trunk?

In a few weeks I might have time to hack on a little something, so I
was thinking of attempting that.


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