[Banshee-List] Planning for a preview release


We are planning a preview release of trunk  for next week - very
exciting!  It will include the album/artist browser, smart playlists,
Last.fm radio and scrobbling extension, a play queue, multimedia keys
support, notification icon, and, as important as anything, much better
performance.  You can see a more detailed list of what's done at

This preview release will not have feature-parity with 0.13.2, but
it's getting closer by leaps and bounds.  We are in a mini
feature-freeze on trunk until we make the release; please talk to
Aaron or me before committing.  After the release, we will be charging
ahead full steam toward feature parity - and beyond.

If you want to help, claim an item on the Roadmap and/or download and
build the latest from trunk and try it out.  You can find all trunk
related information on the wiki here:

Note, please use the new milestone "1.x Preview Release" for bugs we
need to fix before this release.

Thanks, and good luck!


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