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On Feb 13, 2008, at 10:31 PM, Scott Peterson wrote:

I'm still trying to work through the ListView rendering + behavior
enhancements (including the horizontal adjustment) and been thinking
about what I'd like to continue pursing because/after that is done.
Two ideas have come to mind, both to do with UI bling.

1) Smooth scrolling. This was alluded to in another thread. I think it
will look really nice.
2) Animated UserEvents. The UserEvent widget hasn't landed in trunk
yet and I'd like to beef it up for the port. I'm thinking animation.
When UserEvents are created, they slide up under the source list. When
they're destroyed, they slip back down. This could also be done for
the album art widget too.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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Sounds good to me. More Bling is a Good Thing (TM)

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