Re: [Banshee-List] Porting plugin to trunk

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 14:40:55 -0600, "Gabriel Burt" <gabriel burt gmail com>
> the Recommendations plugin into it.  Alex, you were working on the
> Audioscrobbler extension, right?  How far are you on that?  A lot of
> its code still needs to be ported, but there are some things (like the
> username/pwd dialog) that will be shared, so we should work closely.

Well, I've generally completed the port and it works perfectly, though, I'm
completely up for some code reuse within the extensions. Also, at the
moment, some of the configuration dialogs still look the same as in stable,
and well, they don't look all that pretty on the eye. Slightly less
important that getting them to use the same codebase, but yeah. :)

I'll try and get my Audioscrobbler plugin in this afternoon so you can take
a look at what's done/working, and hopefully we can go from there; unless
you have any other ideas.

> After all this porting/reorganizing is done, I hope/plan to add more
> cool features into the extension, like having lists of friends
> and seeing their loved tracks, showing recommended concerts, etc.

Mega-super-dooper sweet.

Alex Hixon

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