Re: [Banshee-List] media folder structure

its not the view i want to change. its the program to be able to recognise
that im organising by genre and being able to take this into account when
reorganising my files/folders.

this option can be changed in Edit > Preferences > General > File System
Organisation > Folder Heirarchy

apologies for the lack of clarity.

Chow Loong Jin wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 04:05 0800, fahadayaz wrote:
>> before i start i would like to congratulate and thank the developers of
>> banshee for an excellent and quality application. 
>> now, for my issue with it.........
>> i started linux with amarok which i liked a lot.... i stuck to this for a
>> while. 
>> i found exaile, a gnome native media player, which suited me better as i
>> prefer the look and feel of gnome apps.
>> whilst researching the t-mobile g1, i came across banshee. i immediately
>> fell in love with it.  i love the interface, the build, everything.
>> everything, but one important detail. one thing which are present in the
>> other two and yet significantly absent from banshee.
>> it is probably the only issue preventing me switching. its the ability of
>> the app to recognise not only that i have my music sorted by artist and
>> then
>> media, but also by genre. i could have lived with this had i not liked
>> the
>> way banshee will rearrange my music collection. i really like this
>> feature.
>> however, this doesnt take the issue into consideration.
>> both amarok and exaile are able to arrange by genre > artist > album.
>> please
>> would you be able to add this feature to banshee, as i am looking forward
>> to
>> getting my g1 soon, i would love to be able to use my media in a way
>> which,
>> to me, is more organised.
>> thank you,
>> Fahad.
> Have you tried right clicking on the column titles, and selecting
> "Genre"? Then clicking on "Genre" to sort by Genre?
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> Chow Loong Jin
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