Re: [Banshee-List] Automagic transcoding especially with iPod

sounds like your missing a gstreamer plugin make sure you have all of them installed

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 4:27 PM, gregdavisfromnj <gregdavis ieee org> wrote:

Removed some flac files from media library, quit Banshee all the way,
restarted, drag-drop... still gives the same "can't find a converter for
your flac file" error.  The file is not making it onto the ipod btw.
Banshee throws the error before putting anything on the ipod.  It recognizes
the file as flac and complains about not knowing how to convert it.

Caleb Sawtell wrote:
> try removing the flac file from your library and adding it again then try
> sync it with banshee

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