[Banshee-List] Pending Patches Periodical (Issue 3)

Hi all,

Here's another list of patches that seems ready to be committed,
according to my not-perfect judgement. Thanks to everyone who gave me
input for this.

Have to send this one quickly, because 2 items that I had on the list
have already been committed. ;)

537774 – fix track editor display of duration of tracks longer than 1
Adds a convenience method, per Gabriel's comments. (Alexander Hixon)

544415 – The next button only works one time out of two when an item is
selected in the browsers (filters)
Adds a lock on the TrackModelCache while it's being filtered. (Bertrand)

546944 – Banshee cannot be built in parallel with make -j2
Several small modifications to the automake stuff. (Bertrand)

547078 – Parentheses in search queries are not handled correctly
Fix handling of special characters in quotes, with unit test. (Bertrand
and Sandy)

547092 – Dragging a track from mirage to a playlist crashes banshee
Checks if a cast from TrackModel to DatabaseTrackListModel was
successful. (Bertrand)

547434 – Provide a "Downloaded Items" view that shows all downloaded
items at once
Adds a new way to filter podcasts. Renames a few files. I don't know how
it fits with the customizable filters stuff. (Valentin Sawadski)

Happy hacking !

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>
> http://flickr.com/photos/bl8/ <

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