Re: [Banshee-List] Edit Track Information for Audio CD

In this case, you set the severity of the bug to ENHANCEMENT. All defects, build errors, feature requests, etc, should be file in bugzilla.

Derek Vandivere wrote:
Call it a design bug, then? (:

rodgersmc1 wrote:
A bug is when programming goes wrong.  In this case Banshee is acting exactly
as it was designed...

andrewski wrote:
Rodgersmc, how is this a problem but not a bug? They're effectively
the same thing.

Max, yeah, if you could file a bug on Bugzilla that'd be great.

On 8/10/08, rodgersmc1 <rodgersmc gmail com> wrote:
Yes, this is a definite problem but not a bug.

It would be nice to edit this information before ripping the cd, and
especially so that importing them will put them in the right folders
2's point).

Max Battcher wrote:
I've been following the latest Banshee from the Ubuntu PPA and I've
noticed that the Audio CD source is missing the ability to edit track
information, so if a CD fails to pull in track data I have to use some
other importer (generally I end up in Banshee 0) to manually tag tracks.
  Is there some obvious reason why Edit Track Information does not show
up for Audio CDs in Banshee 1?

I don't see a bug in Bugzilla about this, so if this is a legitimate
issue I'd be happy to file it in Bugzilla.



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