Re: [Banshee-List] problem

Sandy Armstrong a écrit :

Ditto here.  Here's my console output:

[Debug 14:09:01.169] Tuning to Pearl Jam
[Debug 14:09:02.705] Successfully tuned to
lastfm://artist/Pearl Jam/similarartists
[Debug 14:09:04.245] Adding 5 Tracks to Station
lastfm://artist/Pearl Jam/similarartists
[Debug 14:09:06.193] IO provider extension loaded (Banshee.IO.Unix.Provider)
[Debug 14:09:06.673] (libbanshee:player) bp_stop: setting state to
[Error 14:09:06.677] GStreamer resource error: OpenRead

I confirm, this is exactly my debug log too.

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