Re: [Banshee-List] latest trunk and dbus-sharp

i compiled, but banshee ( or "nereid" ? ) give me a segmentation fault

2007/11/7, David Nielsen <david lovesunix net>:

ons, 07 11 2007 kl. 11:29 -0700, skrev Dan Wilson:
> I'm trying to keep up with Aaron's latest changes to the trunk.
> Waiting with baited breath for the new improvements.
> I noticed that a new build system has been commited, but I keep having
> problems. The build is failing with an error about dbus-sharp:
> ------------
> checking for NDESK_DBUS... configure: error: Package requirements
> (ndesk-dbus-1.0 >= 0.5 ndesk-dbus-glib-1.0 >= 0.3) were not met:
> Requested 'ndesk-dbus-1.0 >= 0.5' but version of NDesk.DBus is 0.4.2
> You may find new versions of NDesk.DBus at
> ------------
> It was my understanding the dbus-sharp is included in the banshee
> trunk under ext/dbus-sharp.  Am I mistaken?
> I'm running Ubuntu Gutsy... hoping I don't have to compile a new version.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You likely need the external ndesk-dbus package, I dunno if Ubuntu has
one of them..

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