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Quick one..

1) Add support for radio devices, in order to listen to the radio
even throught FM. We can also add recording feature for both radio
throught internet and FM.  Plus the possibility to set a timer for start and stop
recording a radio program. Encoding is also a must.

On 3/9/07, Aaron Bockover <abockover novell com> wrote:
There have been a few mails about the potential for hacking on Banshee
in the Google Summer of Code, 2007.

I am planning on applying for a GSoC application outside of GNOME or
Mono within the next day or two. If the application is not accepted, I
can put a project under the Mono GSoC.

Myself and Gabriel Burt will be mentors. My only reservation is that I'm
not entirely sure of any good ideas for GSoc projects. So, now is the
time to reply (quickly!) with ideas. I know this is rather late, and my
apologies for that.

My feeling is that there is a *lot* of smaller things to do in Banshee:
things that don't necessarily constitute an entire summer of work, so
I'm thinking we can group a number of features, etc. together into

Anyway, for now, I'd be interested in just any kind of ideas for
potential Banshee GSoC projects, but again, reply quickly!


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