Re: [Banshee-List] banshee "hangs" on "waiting for transcoder"

I think I've located the problem. The transcoder got 'stuck' on trying to process a wma file.

Maybe a good idea for the transcoding process would be to test out all combinations of input / output formats and ensure that the transcoder is capable of handling them.


Christopher Friedt wrote:
Hello all,

I've connected a new ipod out of the box, and i've managed to copy a single song to it. After dragging & dropping the song into the ipod, i usually just right click on the ipod and say 'synchronize ipod -> save manual changes'.

Five songs also works. Safe to assume true for n songs?

Apparrently not, because when I try to copy over my 'ipodlist' playlist it just hangs there after I hit "save manual changes" saying that it's "waiting for transcoder". After I cancel, then it still says "waiting for transcoder" and the 'synchronize ipod' context menu entry is greyed out so i can't try it again.

I realize that copying 3416 songs might take a bit of prep time, but I let it run for over an hour and there was no progress - it was still waiting on the transcoder for the very first song. The CPU usage was also still at zero, so I would assume that no actual transcoding was taking place during this time.

Is there a self-test to ensure that the transcoder is actually working? Why would it work for one or five songs but not for 3416?

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