[Banshee-List] ipod raid bug on debian

I have installed banshee and it will not identify my ipod nano in my debian "ETCH" system. Searching the banshee site I have run the shell script and have received the following message:
     ************************* WARNING *************************
     * This iPod suffers from the volume.fsusage=raid bug.     *
     * As such, it cannot be used in Banshee. This is not a    *
     * Banshee or gnome-volume-manager bug. And the issue is   *
     * very well known.                                        *
     *                                                         *
     * Please read the following web page for more information *
     * including possible fixes to the problem:                *
     *                                                         *
     * http://banshee-project.org/Troubleshooting/iPod/RaidBug *

The website indicates that this problem has been fixed in upstream sources since Oct '06. I have checked my version of libvolume-id and have the latest, 0.105-4 (May 2007) and the stable version of Banshee 0.11.2. I see that there is a newer version of banshee, but I do not see that this problem was corrected in the bug fixes (in fact, it suggests that the changes be made in HAL)

What is the best way to proceed?

If the answer is to install the patch, I do not know how to "rebuild the proper packages" after installing the patch (all I know is how to rebuild the entire kernel... some hints would be useful)

Thank you in advance for the Help.


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