Re: [Banshee-List] I-pod connection

The synchronize button is in the top right corner if I remember
correctly, instead of the left.

-- Trey

On 1/11/07, Michał Sawicz <michal sawicz net> wrote:
Do You at all see Your iPod in the banshee's Source List? At the left -
where there's Media Library, Playlists and so on - the iPod should show
up and Banshee is the place You need to drag and drop - songs, not plain
files. Just pick some from the song list in Banshee and drop them onto
the iPod line in the left pane. Then, there's a button "Synchronise
iPod" in the upper left corner of the UI.

And if the iPod doesn't show up in Banshee, that's a completely
different problem - try some reading here:


pette wrote:
> So with the Ipod Nano 4gb and Banshee, I have followed the instructions.
> I notice that the nano mounts and a desktop item appears. I can use
> Banshee to copy my CD into MP3 format and then do as Banshee says and
> drag and drop onto the Nano icon. The files copy over but do not appear
> when the Nano is unmounted.
> I have been informed that I need to synchronise the Nano with Banshee
> before they will play, but I do not know how to do this. It is not for
> the want of trying either. I right click the Nano but there is nothing
> to indicate that I can synchronise. Likewise there is nothing in the
> file menus!

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