Re: [Banshee-List] Idea for new plugin

Lukas Spierings wrote:
> I think it not very difficult to code this plugin, but as I am not a
> programmer I am just throwing the idea out in the open. F-spot already
> has a function to display pictures as a screensaver, so maybe we can use
> that code. Or is that not allowed licensewise?

I have written something similar for amarok using phpgtk, but amarok
does give us a scripting interface - I believe that some interface for
external scripts would be even more needed - for future's sake :)

Mine was written specifically for a party we've been organizing last
october - with Creative Commons music - and it displays specific CC
logos and stuff. It's definitely written badly, since it uses phpgtk and
my limited gtk knowledge, but it works ;)

Michał Sawicz

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