[Banshee-List] library auto-update?

When I move a folder or files of music that is in my Banshee library,
the program doesn't know where to find them. It just gives me an error
message when I try to play them.

It doesn't handle this gracefully by automatically trying to play
something else. It just stops playing any music at all, until I come
back into the room and attend to it.

It doesn't seem to have any function to go looking through the library
for out-of-date locations and report them all to me, so they're
waiting in hiding. When I do find them, Banshee makes me re-import the
file or folder that I moved, which causes the songs to be duplicated
in my library, and I don't know which one is real until I try to play

Does Banshee already have functionality that will ease the laborious
process after I change the file structure in my Music folder? If not,
can there be a feature added to the program to scan the Music folder
looking for files with the same embedded metadata as the files it has
lost, and replace them in the Banshee listing?

-Matt Arnold

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