Re: [Banshee-List] Ipod detected by libipoddevice, not by banshee

This is the problem I encountered on Fedora Core 6. What distribution
are you running (and on which platform)? I'm curious to see if it's a
more general problem, or is something to do with Fedora's placement of
Mono libraries.


- Michel

On 11/12/06, Matthew T. Fata <matt credibleinstitution org> wrote:

I have installed banshee 0.11.2, libipoddevice 0.5.1, and ipod-sharp 0.6.2.

Banshee will not detect my ipod when plugged in, however the `ipod` util
shows the device being plugged in and `ipod --list` confirms this.  The
device gets mounted by gnome-volume-manager as /media/PITA/ and it also
shows up in hal-device-manager. doesn't go much beyond
this point, but it does imply that in this type of scenario the issue
could be with ipod-sharp.

What steps can I take to further troubleshoot?

Matt Fata
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Michel Salim

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